Saturday, May 26, 2012


Al Qaeda European Union
apprehending suspicious individuals with no clear connections to terrorist networks is legally problematic.
Let's digest this meaning:
we can locate 2 major issues the first one is the term clear. If anyone is still thinking that CT is about clear networks, networking and groups or even ideas and ideology so it's about time or more correct the last second to wake up!
the other concept is terrorist networks. Any newbe Jihadist is emerging forged with the insight that team work is bad in this business as CT is still stuck in trying to identify, categorize, describe and searching after indicators and hits that may indicate an upcoming terror attack. one man terror organization is the asked solution! "Combating individuals acting in apparent isolation,some experts and CT folk are saying, will take smarter measures in monitoring the Internet, better intelligence and international cooperation in counterterrorism efforts.
apprehending suspicious individuals with no clear connections to terrorist networks is problematic." apparent isolation? I think that the individual terrorist and the CT community are understanding isolation in a very different manner.... monitoring the Internet ...... keep on monitoring it with old school approach and see what happened. The modern terrorist is all about avoiding clear connections to terror networks or terror key persons ....

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Lets face it -  we are at war and the real fights are still ahead.
Don't let the definitions jungle for terror and criminal acts to confuse you. Under an active shooter attacks for example, the victims don't really care the way you will define it, they need your help and they need it ASAP!
If you are going to let those limitations,( definitions ), to define your roles and goals as a first responder you are going to miss your targets and innocent people will miss their lives.!
As first responders our main and most important goal is to save lives and not to look after some definitions for the situation we are facing.
I hope that those who are composing the definitions will find some time to think about it!