Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A wake up call!

Its about time to understand the big difference between cultural diversity and terrorism diversity and I hope it is not too late....
What I mean is the trend to justify terrorism support or activity as part of cultural diversity, political freedom, cultural freedom and so on.
By creating a political and social climate that accepts the presence of such "cultural diversity" and justify - ignore - avoid to confront - those cultural goups we are building a greenhouse for terrorism.
The minute we create situations in which police and fire brigades are avoiding to establish law and order in some parts of major cities for example, we are inviting other elements to establish their own law and order. From this moment and on there is almost no way back.
The minute we allow people to make the fundamentals of democracy into tools and weapons in order to promote terrorism and non democratic "culture" we pave the way for terror.

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