Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Training and educating E.O.D specialists is critical in the fight against IEDs.
Our CIED capability must be highly adaptive and cognitive in its response as well as being directed by a strategy that is properly mission related.
We have to be able to change our S.O.Ps , tactics and techniques according to a continuous changing threats. Relying on technology won't provide the needed solutions. Purchasing more and more tools and equipment while not focusing on training means risking the operators that dedicated themselves to C-IED work in more than one aspect:
  1. As we are trying to keep up with  the endless stream of equipment we have to invest time in learning and training with these products in order to become familiar with them. This time could be spent on training on more improtant subjects that can really affect our professional level and capability. Sometimes we get the feeling that someone is just sending equipment to the teams at the front without understanding our real needs or the challanges we are facing.
  2. We always want to keep it simple. When you are geared up with so much equipment it's a bit confusing what to choose for immediate use. 
  3. When you have so much of sophisticated tools you need to spend a lot of time getting to the point. You can operate them while using rheir full operating range what ends in spending your time jumping from one gadget to the next. Worse- you won't use this equipment when you really need it because you don´t trust it - remember the time issue.... you were busy dealing with more important things...).
  4. The attempts to try and match new equipment to every threat we might face creates new threats. We must remember: it's the E.O.D specialists who makes all the difference not the equipment they use.
  5. Preparedness doesn't means bying more equipment, it means education, training and reviewing current S.O.P.s , methods and tactics due to current threats.
Keep safe!

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