Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Know your enemy.
O.K but what is it all about?
We have to learn how these individuals or group are thinking, proccessing information and acting, know their world and accept the fact that we should be ready and prepare to deal with some big unknown issues.
 I'll try to highlight some facts that have  major effects on our preparedness for such incidents:
  • Individuals or very small groups who are operating "alone" - they are not realy acting alone, we are just nor fully understanding their interaction with different social circles that will help them in their mission. they still need to interact with the "outer world" on different levels (contact me regarding my lecture : " Understanding the Unorganized, Home Made Terrorist" ). These guys are hard to be categorized into psychological profiles or social groups what face us with the fact that we must adjust our intillegence functions according to the threat and not trying to fit the threat into our existing systems.
  • Motivated or triggered by a mixture of socio - political ideologies and personal agenda, in some cases with personality disorders.
  • High planning capabilities both strategic and tactic - directly effect their preparations stage. Understanding how the are planning and preparing their attacks has a major role when dealing with iterception work.
  • Highly motivated with flexible thinking and acting - the ability to rapidly shift between M.Os before and during an attack (contact me for more info regatding the - " reacting to unpredictable threats in C.T operations" workshop ).
These are only few examples of what Know Your Enemy is all about.
Hope you found it useful

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