Saturday, August 6, 2011

Solutions (part 2)

Recognize -Detect - React
When dealing with solution, specialy for MCI (Massive Casualties Incident), we have to keep it simple for anyone who is involved, and I mean everyone.
We can take an active shooter incident for example - How many schools are preparing their pupils or students how to react to this threat? I'm sure they are training their pupils to other incidents like fires but ignoring todays reality and current threats. I can continue and ask how many cops, I mean patrol, are trained to react to an IED attack? After all they are among the first responders....How many medic teams are aware to threats they might face during or after incidents such Oslo or Mumbai?
In every M.C.I course or training that I'm teaching, and it doesn't matter if it's for civil authorities , law enforcement or military, the first step is to ask: what are we looking for? What are the most relevant and current threats we have to RECOGNIZE? To answer this question we have to start with recognition - know the threats you may face out there.
REACT - How to react to those threats. The reaction depends on your role and the situation you are experiencing at a certain moment.
Don't sit and wait for someone to help you  - be proactive and make the first step. Do something!

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