Monday, August 1, 2011

The reactions to the attacks

Shock - the local agencies were in shock, we could see it on the news. No one new in the early stages what happened . O.K there was an explosion, but what exploded, a VBIED? A suicide bomber? A delayed device? All that is a cruical information that affects the operational reaction to the attack. Now how can we know that no one had a clue about what happened? The scene was not evacuated - everyone had access to the scene and I mean one checked the victims to see if they were related to the attack, no one was sweeping the area for more threats and so on. Bringing in the army to do what looks like police job is another proof.
The questions now are:
Are we prepared for the next attacks?
Do we have a better intelligence?
What should we change regarding S.O.Ps (standard operatinal procedure), methods and tactics? and I don't mean buying more equipment and gear up - these are not solutions!
See you all next times with some suggestions for some solutions.
Keep safe!

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